Rel 0.5.5

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Engine Content: This information applies to the engine and therefore to all servers.



  • Really, truly fixed an issue with volume settings save throwing exception this time. Honest.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing all cursors to snap to tile, instead of only the ones that specifically enable snapping in their definition.
  • Fixed an issue with unitframes reporting health values greater than 100%.
  • Fixed issues with the bear, wolf, piglet, and cow sprites.
  • Fixed several more issues with the warp command.
  • Fixed an issue with the player map pin disappearing when a player changes instances.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing party player portraits to fail to update.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.PartFrame.checkForNewSpriteImage(characterId,resOrHash) to the client side API.
  • Added net.lugdunon.ui.unitFrame.TargetFrame.checkForNewSpriteImage(characterId,resOrHash) to the client side API.
  • net.lugdunon.character.Character.checkForNewSpriteImage() now returns true if sprite was updated.
  • net.lugdunon.command.core.character.CharacterSpriteUpdateCommand now informs unitframes of a change.
  • net.lugdunon.state.waypoint.Waypoint now has an instanceId property (on server-side).
  • Added art assets for fermentation vessel.
  • Added fermentation vessel item.
  • Added crafting recipe for the fermentation vessel.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate event triggers after saving settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the screen not displaying new chunks if holding mouse down to move.
  • Fixed an issue with the setDate() function not setting the date correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with volume settings save throwing exception. Thanks Xavion for pointing this one out!
  • Updated links in initial welcome dialog.
  • Added game.input.isListening() to the client-side API.
  • Completed the new website design.
  • Added a wiki (
  • Modified the links in the registration emails to point to the new registration page.
  • Fixed hit testing on characters and placeables.
  • Fixed an issue with terrain editing causing client-side chunk bloat.
  • Mousing over characters with an appropriate tool selected should now properly call the action handler for a cursor update.
  • Updated URL for net.lugdunon.ui.optionsMenu.options.CraftingRecipesOption.
  • Updated URL for net.lugdunon.ui.optionsMenu.options.HowToGMOption.
  • Updated URL for net.lugdunon.ui.optionsMenu.options.HowToPlayOption.
  • Disabled caching on all ajax calls.
  • Added shears tool use animation.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.BucketActionHandler now shows bucket icon when over a milkable cow.
  • net.lugdunon.state.item.action.ShearsActionHandler now shows shears icon when over a shearable sheep.