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Engine Content: This information applies to the engine and therefore to all servers.


This is a patch release. For the full release notes for this particular revision, please visit: 0.8.0

Server mods altered in this update:

  • net.lugdunon.server.worldgen.defaults

/etc files altered in this update:

  • items.json
  • recipes.json

Release Notes:

  • lugdunon-server 0.8.0 ->
  • lugdunon-client-web 0.8.0 ->
  • lugdunon-client 0.2.4 -> 0.2.5
  • net.lugdunon.server.worldgen.defaults 0.0.7 -> 0.0.8
  • Fixed ownership with respect to seeded vs transplanted flowers and trees. Seeded implies ownership, transplantation does not.
  • Crafting discipline used to create an Anvil changed from Blacksmithing to General in order to avoid a circular dependency (thanks again Brash for initially pointing this out and then for the reminder).
  • Fixed key/value of default.compendium.crafting.recipe.easy.mode.enable in initial seeding of world.cfg entries.
  • Standalone client's OS check code abstracted to provide single point of failure in prep for CEF / jCEF upgrades.
  • Active World Generator value now pulled from world.cfg, if present.
  • Version numbers now support an optional patch number. All patch releases must be backwards compatible with the corresponding revision (i.e. 0.8.0.x must be compatible with at least version 0.8.0).
  • The AssetManager should no longer cause a client crash if the current instance definition does not contain any biomes.
  • Query string parameter support add to allow shortcuts for autoloading of accounts, worlds, and characters.
  • Button labels can now be specified as part of the content argument for ok and confirm dialogs.
  • Added game.clearLeavePrompt() to the client-side API.
  • Added game.getQSParam(key) to the client-side API.
  • Added support for notifications in the client and main website to alert users when a new version is being deployed.
  • Auth server SSL cert updated, as well as proper certificate chain installed to prevent possible connection issues.